Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Vegan hotel breakfast in Prague"

(A post from Kristy all the way from Prague!)

(Vltava River via Paddle Boat)

I'm lucky enough to be visiting Prague this first week of October, and extra lucky that the friends I am traveling with "know somebody" with a connection to the Marriott, and secured a fancy suite for each of us.  The hotel does a really nice breakfast spread which is mostly continental.  It includes juices and teas, one steam tray with hard boiled eggs staying warm while resting on a bed of salt, and a pile of tight little sausages, which even the omnivores in my midst are pointedly ignoring.  Aside from that, they have a load of breads and fruit, a cheese-and-cold-cuts tray, pickled onion and gherkins, cereal bar and a schmantsy automated coffee maker.

My beautiful vegan breakfast today is: dried apricots, fresh fruit salad, cherry tomato, mixed nuts, caraway roll, baby gherkin pickles, and a banana, with a cup of espresso. I should think about trying to eat so well at home.

This is not the first trip to Prague for any of us. (I visited the city briefly in the late '90s, and my boyfriend and our friends lived here for several years in the early/mid 90s.) So it has been interesting to start the MoFo in this beautiful city whose strongest culinary impression on me, as a vegetarian, was previously the entree "smažený sýr" (fried cheese).  It's a treat to get to fill up at breakfast with such a colorful and nutrient packed plate before heading out to a more traditional Czech world where I anticipate mostly potato and cabbage. Truth be told, I am finding the food here much improved since I was here a decade or so ago.  The variety is impressive, and veggie options much more plentiful than before.  All but the most traditional smoky pubs have a really good salad or two, and some veg items on the sides menu. There is still a heck of a lot of cheese going on here.   -KK

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