Friday, November 11, 2011

My First Sale!

Well I finally did it. I made my first sale on Etsy. It was a little nerve wracking because the person who bought the fabric wrap bracelet had never been a member of Etsy before and they had so history there. They did have Paypal so that was a plus, but I kept expecting things the fall apart. That's the pessimist in me.

Thankfully everything has gone smoothly, though I haven't heard anything from the person since she got the bracelet. Oh well.

Anyway, I am still working on my book/books. I am currently working on my third draft of the first part of the story, or first book. I have given myself the goal of finishing it completely and having it ready to send to agents and publishers by the end of the year. Actually, there is a contest I thought about trying to enter that has the deadline of Dec. 15. It would be great to win some awards for the book and give it some "street cred" before it goes out. We'll see, but I won't hate myself if I don't make that deadline.

I am still loving the story and have even added a few characters since I started. They just seem to appear in the story at the right time, which is cool. I do need to get an editor though. My best friend has been helping me. She has an English degree which helps and she isn't afraid to tell me the truth, which also helps. I take what she says seriously and most of the changes she suggested really do work out better. She is a very busy lady though and doesn't have tons of time to read my excerpts.

We are also preparing for Thanksgiving around here. I am planning on cooking this year, which I have only done one other time. Things turned out well though and I'm not worried. Usually we go to family dinners at other people's houses. Actually, we are doing that this year also, but I am cooking another meal on Friday for when my Mom comes up. So that should be fun.....

I am trying not to think about Christmas yet, but I guess I need to start saving up for gifts for the kiddos. Not sure what I am making this year, but I have already had one request for a hat. So I guess I'll get going on that too.

Thanks for reading!
PS I love comments!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Love Coffee!

I love coffee and I've always wanted to try the Keurig coffee maker. Now I have a chance to win one and so do you! Here's the link to review and contest.

Have a look!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So I guess I have a hard time keeping up with the blog thing. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I have been doing other things.

I haven't done any crafts lately but in my infinite artistic ADD over the past few months I have written one book and have started the second one. I still have lots of rewrites to do but I am pretty happy with the results. When I feel like the story is perfect, I am planning on looking for an agent. That part scares the heck out of me. The key to getting an agent to read your book is to write a killer query letter. Hopefully I can do that.

The story is a sort of urban fantasy with a healthy dose of romance. It's based in the present but there is a lot of the past involved, specifically related to Greek myth. No vampires, were wolves, witches or ghosts in this one. Though I love reading about all of that.

When I get to a stopping point, I have tons of crafty things to finish, so I will keep you posted.

Monday, May 16, 2011

HP Mallory Contest!!!

I have been busy reading in my spare time lately so sorry there haven't been any updates. I've also been writing a story. I don't feel right calling it a book yet unless it's published. I'm 29,000 plus words in and the story keeps coming. I'll update more about that as I get further along.

I wanted to mentioned a really cool contest from a really cool author whose books I have on my Kindle. BTW I LOVE my Kindle!! I also have the Kindle app for Android which is even cooler.
SO HP Mallory, the cool author, is having a contest and the prize is being written as a character in her next "Jolie" book! I'm so excited about this contest. I absolutely loved the "Jolie" books which I bought for my Kindle based on the title alone. Turns out that was a great choice. The books are so engaging and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I am currently reading the "Dulcie" books which is the other series she has out.

Right now, her books are only ebooks, but the next Jolie book will be available in bookstores. Very Cool and something to aspire to, if my story ever gets that far.

So, here is the link to her Blog and the contest.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update! No really....

It's been forever and I apparently suck at this whole blog thing.

I do have some cool news. I recently sent something all the way across the pond to the UK to be displayed in a Stitch and Craft show. Mr Xstitch had a call for items to display in his booth and I answered. I sent my Beatles "Fab Four" and "John Loves Yoko" felt brooches. Here's the pic I made a new set and framed them. They look really nice and I hope someone there will want to buy them because it is so expensive to ship to the UK and I'll have to pay to ship them back to myself if they don't sell.

Wish me luck!