Monday, May 18, 2009

Howdie! Well our house is in a bit of disarray as we have moved several things around this weekend. So I am unable to upload pictures for at least another week since they are all on the other computer which isn't hooked up yet.

We had a crazy weekend, though it turned out very enjoyable in the end.

On Friday we had baseball team pictures and were supposed to have a game, but a huge storm rolled in just before starting time, so we had another rain out. That makes 5 I believe. At this rate we will be making up games until September! So we hung out at home and watched "Bedtime Stories" instead which we all enjoyed. I am a big fan of Adam love him or hate him, and I love him!

On Saturday I went to a Red Hat Society luncheon with my Mother-in-Law. Two of my three sisters-in-law were there which was nice. I don't see them as often as I should. We actually had a great time. The food was nice and the dessert was to die for. I had Creme Brule'.
I don't get too many opportunities to get dress up and go out, so it was very refreshing.
When I got home however.....I walked in the front door and the first thing I see is three large holes in the wall! My son and Hubby were standing at the top of the stairs with stupid grins on their faces. They knew they were in trouble!
My dear Hubby decided to rearrange the house while I was out. He had tried to move our rather bulky couch downstairs....By Himself! It got stuck in the stairwell leading to the basement and apparently in the wall too.
So we spent part of Sunday trying to begin repairs.

We also had a Cub Scout picknic Sunday. So our day wasn't all work. That was so fun. The Dads and the boys had three legged races, sack relays, and tug o' war. It was a blast.

When we got back for that, I needed some time away from all the mess inside so I decided to finally get the flowerbed ready for planting once and for all.
Jarred helped me get the last of the weeds out and we added some good organic dirt to the mix.
It actually looks better already.
We had to take a trip to the hardware store for drywall and paint so I decided to pick up a few perennials to fill in until the seeds I have get going.
I bought a large correopsis, a couple of Lantana, several of something that looks like carnations (I can't remember the name) and another plant I have never seen. It has a cluster of pink and purple variegated blooms. I'll post a picture later. I may go back for more of it if it does well.
By the time we got back it was too late to get those in the ground, but I will try to tomorrow.

All in all the weekend started out very stressful, but I think we actually accomplished a lot.
I think that's the way it should feel.

I also bought two new patterns this weekend to try, hopefully soon. Like I needed any more! They looked really comfy, cute, and easy so I was sold. One is a simple sundress and the other is what seems to be a very flattering and easy blouse. Both are sutable for any fabric, which I like, and I thought I could make a few of each. Add it to the list I guess. :)

Sigh........time to relax.....until tomorrow! Another week begins.

Hope you have a good one!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A day without rain

Saturday was the first day in about a week that we didn't have any rain. My son was so thrilled to actually be able to have a ball game. We've had so many rain outs I think we will be playing baseball until September.
After the game we came home and He helped me in the garden. Well, the future garden, just a flower bed really. We pulled out as many weeds as we could, finding lots of worms, grubs and other bugs along the way. Jarred had no problem picking up the grubs with his bare hands. Grubs are super cringe worthy for me, but he had fun.
It was nice to spend some Mommy-Son time. With my two year old daughter running around and getting into everything I don't have as much time just for him. Hopefully we can have more times like that.
Now before I get all weepy......
We also put out the bird feeders. I love watching the birds in our yard. We actually have a pretty good variety of birds, not including the Mallards that live on our neighborhood lake.
A couple of my favorites are the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, and the Baltimore Orioles. (not the ball team, I'm a Cards fan all the way!) The Orioles love fresh oranges so we put out a whole bag. I've only seen them once, but I know they will come more often since there's food.
We also have a lovely little Bluebird who is guarding a nest. Last year they built in a birdhouse we put up for them, but tragedy struck. I believe a raccoon pulled the top off the house and ate the babies. The carnage was all over the ground. I felt bad for them, and didn't think they would build in a house without a top. Apparently they did because the male stands watch over the yard and chases the other birds away if they get too close to his house. Hopefully the raccoon won't bother them this year.
Next I need to get the Hummingbird feeders out. They've already come looking for them.
I love Spring....except for the seven days of rain. :)