Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Little gals up for adoption! 3 Days Only!!

I have listed my Susie Sad Eyes on eBay. Have a look....

And here's a listing for Sindy...

Have a look at Leggy Jill....

Here is Pizazz of the Misfits, from Jem and the Holograms.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Still available!

****Amelia is now on layaway and Shaylee is no longer available.**** 

I still have these two beauties available for adoption. I am trying to avoid listing them on eBay, and I really do need to find new homes for them.

 I'd love to get $375 for this beautiful custom Cloud 9 Bowl. She comes with a Blythe stand, two outfits, and and "burrito" wrap to keep her safe and cozy.  (the book pictured is my daughter's)

I'd love to get $175 for this sweet Silver Snow Blythe. She will come with the outfit you see, original shoes, a dress by Littledear, her original box, and a doll stand. (the LPS pictured belongs to my daughter)

You can see more pictures of both of these lovelies in my previous post and at my Flickr page.  

If you are interested in either or both, I will do FREE SHIPPING world wide, and I will throw in some surprises! YAY! 
(Paypal only please)

Thanks, Danna

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Blythe...

Well here are my first two Blythe dolls.

While I'd love to keep them, because I just love them, I need to let them go. I have bills to pay and my daughter's birthday which both take precedence over my love for a dolly.

Before I list them on eBay, which I'd rather not do, I thought I'd post them here and hope to get some interest. 

First is my darling Shaylee. She is a Silver Snow that I purchased used last year. She will arrive to you with her original shoes, panties, skirt, and sweatshirt. She also has one earring that is original. She has one set of new eye chips that were installed before I got her. I also have her original Silver Snow box. I will send a Halloween dress made by Littledear and a doll stand with her.

I'd really like to get $175 for her and will accept Paypal only please.

Next up is the lovely Amelia. She is a Cloud 9 Bowl and has been customized by Pixarina. She comes with two hand sewn outfits by Pixarina, a blythe stand, and her original panties. I do not have a box for her, but will send her with a hand made dolly wrap (by Pixarina) to keep her safe.

I'd love to get $375 for her and will accept Paypal only please. 

Please contact me with any questions about these little gals and you can see more lovely pictures of them both at my Flickr page. 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye Barbie...

Update: Barbie is on her way to Canada!! 

So this weekend I listed several small things on eBay, including my early 60's titian Barbie.

The bidding starts at $45, but there is a "Buy it Now" price of $75.

Have a look or contact me if you are interested in adopting her.

ALSO---most likely, I will be listing two blythe dolls I have as well. Keep and eye open for them.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Dolls up for adoption

Hello! For the past couple of years I have been collecting dolls of all kinds. I have always loved dolls, but finding a vintage Barbie is what got me started collecting.

I find a lot of unusual dolls at the thrift shop, and most of them need help, so to speak.

Below, are a few of the girls that I am just not that attached to and am more than willing to part with.

From left to right;

The first two dolls are "dress me" type dolls. Pretty cheaply made, but perfect for someone who likes to play around with custom work I think. The second doll is wearing a hand made dress and appears to be 60's in style. Her face was too cute to pass up, reminding me of anime style, even though her hair is a wreck. I have not taken the time to clean her up yet and so she is "AS IS".

The next doll is a "Leggy Jill" doll. I do love this doll. She is so cute and fun. I won her in an online auction, but have not done much with her. I haven't even taken the time to brush her hair. She is wearing original "Leggy" brand clothing and shoes.

The blonde gal sitting the green dress is a late 70's "Sindy" doll. She is super cute, poseable, and will come with several pairs of shoes, and hangers. I cleaned her up and you can see more pictures of her on my Flicker.

The obviously 80's chick sitting on the far right is Pizzazz from "The Misfits" which is the rival band of the beloved "Jem and the Holograms."  She is pretty cool and has her original dress, sash, and bracelets. I have cleaned her up and she is ready to rock!

If you are interested in any of these gals, please contact me and make an offer. Anything reasonable will be considered. (Paypal only please)

Thanks! Danna

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Too much Jewelry!

Blasphemy, I know. You can never have too much jewelry right? Well as much as I hate to admit it, I have a plethora and more than enough to go around.

What isn't listed in my Etsy shop is hanging on my wall, filling up my jewelry box, and overflowing the top drawer in my dresser. Seriously, my underwear has no where to live now.

In any case, I have lots and I have decided I would sell some for very low prices. I actually think it will cost me more to ship them out than to sell.

These are all hand made by me many years ago. They are various materials; Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Natural stones, Vintage glass and crystals. Some are strung, knotted, or wire wrapped. Some are tarnished, but are easily cleanable, and totally wearable.

Have a look, ask questions, contact me and we will work out a deal. Paypal only please.

                                          These are short necklaces and chokers...$10 each


                                          Medium and long necklaces...$10 each

                                          Long necklaces...$10 each

                                          Bracelets...most are size 7 or smaller....$5 each

Let me know if you are interested.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making Bread

On a lazy weekend, when the days and nights are cooling as we head into fall, there is nothing wrong with baking some bread.  Lately, I have been using a starter (levain) that I keep in Tupperware in the fridge, adding a bit of flour and water each week as 'food' to keep the yeast alive, and taking out a cup or two to bake a few baguettes or a loaf of bread.  My recipe is from the book "Bread Alone," which really, honestly, does not demystify the process. If you want to feel at ease with bread making, stick with the no-knead bread that Bittner's NYT column has made famous.

With Bread Alone you'll grow --if anything-- more in awe of artisan bread bakers. But after months of experiments and disasters, I now have a reliable go-to bread (that only takes about 6 hours!).

Here is a peek at the dough, getting on its way to a nice loaf.

Really, only about an hour of work (including clean up), and a lot of rising time.

The levain was made of flour, water, and literally a pinch of yeast.  It was left covered on the countertop for three days, as I fed it more flour and water each day. Now, as I mentioned, the levain lives in the fridge and gets a weekly feeding. For two loaves I use:

Two cups of levain (the mild sourdough starter),
5-6 cups of flour (I use bread flour usually but all-purpose works)
About 2 &1/4 cups of water
One tablespoon of salt.

After a 2-hour rise, I will punch it, then rest it for 30 minutes, shape it into loaves and let it rise another 2 hours before baking for half an hour in a hot  and steamy (450) oven.

I'm tempted by the possibilities at this point.  I have some minced sun-dried tomato and jalapeƱo I could knead in. Or should I fold in some fresh herbs or nuts? Just a few sesame seeds on top maybe? Or just score the top to let steam escape, and make it a nice naked bread?