Sunday, October 21, 2012


(Guest post from Kristy)

Okay, so I guess I should share my latest obsession.  It is this sauce that escorts any vegetable or dumpling into soy-sesame heaven.

My measurements are approximate here, since you can always taste as you go and make corrections, but it is essentially this:

1/8 c. soy sauce
1/8 c. white vinegar (or cider vinegar or rice vinegar)
1 tsp. sesame oil
a couple cloves of garlic, crushed 
a small bunch of green onion, thinly sliced

a tablespoon of fresh ginger, grated or matchsticked

The choice of vinegar can make a huge difference, so play around with it.  Cider is usually my favorite, but since I LOVE vinegar, I can appreciate the intensely acidic taste of the white vinegar. Rice vinegar is sweeter, more subtle (and probably more authentically Asian).

This can be used as a dipping sauce for dumplings, or as a marinade for tofu, or as the final addition to a stir fry. I just gently steamed a huge bunch of kale, then tossed it with the sauce.  

Watch out for the sodium in the soy sauce.  I can't detect a difference in the taste (maybe my taste buds are blown from all the vinegar!), so I always use the "less sodium" soy sauce. Even that has a shocking amount of sodium, but sometimes -for the perfect veggie side dish- it's worth the splurge.


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