Friday, October 26, 2012

Lazy Vegan Pasta

The title of this post implies that the "vegan" is's more the sauce in this dish that is lazy, but "Lazy Sauce" sounds a bit off.

Wait, scratch that...I'm starting to think "Lazy Sauce" is the tired cousin of  "Awesome Sauce" so maybe it works. This is what I made for dinner this week, for myself since no one else in this house will dare eat vegan with me. It's one of those dishes that you make when you are worn out from the day and need some filling comfort food. Pasta is that dish for me. I could eat it every day and for every meal, usually with loads of Parmesan though I try not to since well...who needs that many carbs?

Here's "Vegan Pasta with Lazy Sauce." (Much better...)

What I used:

Vegan Pasta ( my mom found some at the health food store where she lives)
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
Marinara from a Jar (the lazy part)
Raw Baby Spinach

What I did:

Cook pasta (obviously)
Toss with a little EVOO and then Marinara
Add spinach and zap in the microwave to warm

See...lazy...but SUPER tasty.

Notice no Parmesan :(
I think I'll live though. 


  1. Seriously, where are the peppers, onions, black olives, and anything else you'd order on a pizza?

  2. Seriously where are all the additions you'd like on a pizza? Black olives, onions, peppers, (Do you do meats?) When I make spaghetti sauce, I also add turkey pepperoni, lean ground beef and/or Italian sausage and 'shrooms. Everything I'd want on a super pizza......Sorry, I'd eat yours happily. :)

  3. LOL Carol, you crack me up. Since it's supposed to be vegan, there's no meat or dairy.
    Normally when I make pasta with red sauce, I saute onions and garlic and add diced tomatoes. I love olives too, green and black, and mushrooms, but I didn't have any of the extras in my pantry. I also like beef or Italian sausage.

    With pasta, it's all good to me. :)

    1. O right, VEGAN....oops. Why vegan? Experiment?

  4. Oops...vegan Color me clueless. lol