Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As if I needed any new projects.....I was happy to get to go to the fabric store on Sunday. Several of the fabrics I drooled over the last time I went were on sale. That always makes me happy. I didn't get as much of them as I wanted, but I got just enough to make another dress for myself, a couple of tops, and a few things for Sophie. I also have an idea for a first birthday gift for my darling niece. Hopefully I can get something made before they decide to have a party for her.

Hubby is out of town, the rain has stopped and it's going to be in the upper nineties later this week. Should be a long week I think.

Sorry for the boring post....again. I promise to have pics asap.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

much ado....

I haven't watched much TV lately.  Our old tube TV that was up-stairs finally kicked the bucket a few weeks ago.  We have a very nice flat screen downstairs, but most of what I do is upstairs, ie. dishes, cooking, computer stuff, and playing with Sophie during the day.  Don't get me wrong, Sophie loves to play downstairs.  She actually has a lot of toys down there, but the bathroom is up stairs, and she gets mad if I take her up when she wants to be down.  So we have just been hanging around up here.  
HULU has become our friend as of late.  They have Harold and the Purple Crayon which Sophie has latched onto.  She loves to sing the songs and act out what Harold is doing.  It's very cute.  
She and I have also been coloring a lot lately.  She gives me the color she wants me to use and we have to sing while we draw.  Usually it's the theme to Winnie the Pooh, or Under the Sea from Little Mermaid.  It's been very enjoyable to sit for long periods of time and do that with her.  She's a very detailed artist.  I'll try to remember to post some of her work later.

That's the other thing.  The computer with all of my pictures and the photo program is downstairs, currently not hooked up.  The computer up here needs to be cleaned out of unnecessary programs etc, before it can even hold my pictures, so I am stuck with a camera full of shots, nothing to load to the blog and no where to put anything new.  UGH....I wish I knew how to take care of that.  That is my hubby's area of expertise.  

Maybe he can get on that soon....I hope.

Here's an update on the holes in the wall.  Hubby finally got them all patched and we had the hardware store match  the paint color from a piece of the broken wall.  Well they tried to match it anyway and now we have a large section of wall that is off color.  It really bugs me, so I said "Why don't we pick a "real" color?"  Eric said "What like white?"  Haha....I find it the perfect opportunity to go with a fantastic color to add pop to the entryway.  I've been trying to find out what would be the best color in Feng Shui for an entry, but haven't seen anything very helpful.  I keep leaning towards a green anyway.  Calm, serene and from nature.  We can see the entry from the living room/kitchen/dining area so I think it would  be a great color overall.  Now to find the right shade, maybe with a little blueish tint instead of yellow.  I was thinking a medium shade.  What do you think?

I did find the time recently, to make a couple of things for myself.  This sundress and this top.  The dress is a great batik and the top is a Japanese theme print with butterflies and writing.  I made both in the middle of the night, while I had time to myself.  The problem I had with the patterns is that I went by my measurements.  The list they have of sizes did not correspond with the measurements they gave and my garments were a lot bigger than they should have been.  Well, now I know so hopefully they will go smoother next time.  After many alterations, I do love them both and love the fact that I know how to make clothes for myself (and others) whenever I want something new.  Really I think the hardest part is deciding on the fabric.  I am dying to try some of this double gauze fabric.  I have never seen it before, but it sounds amazing.
( in case you don't know, click on the highlighted word for the link)
 So what have you been up to?  I'd love to hear.

Monday, June 1, 2009

No rest for the weary

Still organizing the house and I am still unable to upload pictures.  Check out this site instead.  

I can't wait to try some of these awesome paper crafts myself.