Monday, May 16, 2011

HP Mallory Contest!!!

I have been busy reading in my spare time lately so sorry there haven't been any updates. I've also been writing a story. I don't feel right calling it a book yet unless it's published. I'm 29,000 plus words in and the story keeps coming. I'll update more about that as I get further along.

I wanted to mentioned a really cool contest from a really cool author whose books I have on my Kindle. BTW I LOVE my Kindle!! I also have the Kindle app for Android which is even cooler.
SO HP Mallory, the cool author, is having a contest and the prize is being written as a character in her next "Jolie" book! I'm so excited about this contest. I absolutely loved the "Jolie" books which I bought for my Kindle based on the title alone. Turns out that was a great choice. The books are so engaging and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I am currently reading the "Dulcie" books which is the other series she has out.

Right now, her books are only ebooks, but the next Jolie book will be available in bookstores. Very Cool and something to aspire to, if my story ever gets that far.

So, here is the link to her Blog and the contest.


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