Monday, March 12, 2012

Wife, Mother, Author...

I've mentioned it here before, but I will say it again in case the right agent is looking, I am trying to become a published author. I have finished one novel in a series I am working on and have already sent queries out to several agents. Unfortunately, I haven't had any bites yet, but I have a long list of agents to go.

It's been quite a daunting process actually. Last year about this time, I decided I want to write a novel. The story just popped into my head and I started typing. A year later, the first draft became many drafts and I feel it's ready for the world. I scoured the internet for agents and began querying them.

For those who don't know, most publishers will not even look at a manuscript unless you have an agent. Most agents will not even look at your manuscript unless you query them first. That means you write a short business letter telling them you have the greatest book ever and they should read it, without actually saying that of course because a line like that will get you an automatic rejection letter.

The hardest part about this whole process has been the query letter. Every agent wants something different, but all want to be "hooked" so they will request to see my manuscript. That has yet to happen, but I still have hope. Some days are more hopeful than others, but I am plugging away which is all I can really do.

So here is the link to my author blog.

Have a look if you are interested and I'd love some feedback.


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