Monday, July 5, 2010

In the Garden

Here are some pictures of the flowers I planted, starting with seeds, in the Spring. I haven't had luck with all of them. The ones that seem to like my West facing flowerbeds are the Zinnias, Cosmos, and Bachelor Buttons, though the Bachelor Buttons don't have many blooms yet. The Zinnias seem to be the happiest.

I am hoping that they will reseed and come back every year. That's the main reason I haven't cut any yet. I can't wait to have vases filled with flowers from my garden all over the house.

Enjoy a few pictures;


  1. I love a colourful garden! I am not a garden myself but I certainly appreciate lovely gardens and plants :-)

  2. Well, the flowers didn't fill out like I had hoped, and most of the seeds I planted sprouted,but didn't get past that point.

    I too love lots of colorful flowers. Hopefully I'll do better next year.