Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Basically, I love to dress up! I try to make sure my kids have a great costume, whether store bought or hand made.....but mostly hand made, at least a little.

For several years I have tried to get my son to be Harry Potter, but he was always interested in something else. This year it was his idea. Since HP isn't as big this year, we had to make the costume. No biggie, I already had a pattern for a cape left over from Star Wars a few Halloweens ago. I also found a plain maroon tie at the thrift store on which I painted gold stripes. We bought the glasses and wand, but he lost the wand about a week later, so I ended up having to make it anyway. Oh well....I love him. :)

My husband never has dressed up with us. Mostly it's because he works late and barely makes it to go Trick or Treating with us. I think it's also because he's a wimp.....which I can't understand since he's a theater guy. This year I came up with the perfect would tug at his heart-strings and he wouldn't have a choice in the matter. He would dress as Clifford the Big Red Dog and my daughter would dress as Emily Elizabeth, Clifford's owner. He agreed.... they were sooooo cute.

I had originally chosen a fairy costume for my Daughter, but every time I put it on her she cried and begged me to take it off. The costume she ended up with is regular clothing, so she was more comfortable.....and cute.

Here's my son and I. I was originally going to be a Beatnik...easy with all the black clothes I have and with the addition of a black beret. My son however had a rough day at school the day before. They were having their school Halloween party and one kid in his class, who knows how to push his buttons, made fun of his costume. He called him "Harry Plopper" real original, but it still bothered him. Really I think he's make fun of whatever my boy was, he's just like that, but my boy was pretty upset, so I told him I'd dress as a Hogwarts professor. It worked brilliantly, and my man cheered up.

We had bought him a wand at the costume store, but he lost it a few days later. So....I searched the web for a way to make a cool wand easily. I found it here. These turned out great. I made another one for my daughter, since I knew she'd be jealous, but I didn't post the pic here. These are easy and really cool when done. My son was pleased....which is what matters most.

The first pic is of me and my boy in 2005 or so....the hat I am wearing I bought at Walmart for about $10. I have worn this several time for Halloween, but I felt it was time for a makeover, so I decided, at the last minute, to re-do it. Here you can see the result. I love how it turned out. What do you think?

And here is another shot of my Clifford and Emily Elizabeth.......I can't get enough of this. She has him wrapped around her little it should be.

Hope you had a great Halloween! On to Christmas! oh no.........!!!!

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  1. I think it's so sweet that you dressed up as the Hogwart's professor to cheer him up. And you made him a wand on top of it. I'm sure you've created a lovely memory for him.