Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When I was little, my Grandmother Sue owned an antique shop in historic downtown Hot Springs Arkansas. You might say that antiques and collecting is in my blood. Later, when I was in high school, and when I didn't have dance class, I would go flea marketing on Saturdays with my parents.
I loved digging through the piles of junk to find that one treasure. My favorite things to look for were vintage handbags, hats, jewelry and clothing. I also collected anything that had stars on it.
Those Saturdays are one of my fondest memories of childhood. Spending the weekend with Mom and Dad was actually very enjoyable for me and we had fun discussing over burgers, all the goodies we had picked up.
A few years ago I went through all the old stuff I had packed away and decided to sell most of the treasures I had found from those Saturdays. I sold the handbag collection to a friend of my mother's, whom I knew would appreciate them. The hats, clothing, and some of the jewelry also went the way of the garage sale.
I was sad to see them go, but I just couldn't keep everything. I think it was a sort of purge that I needed at that time in my life.

Every time I went flea marketing I would think of my Grandmother and the summers I spent in her antique shop. I rarely go anymore, but when I do she is on my mind. I sort of feel that she is guiding me to the good stuff. (haha)

Several years ago I read an article in Country Living magazine about an old pottery company called Bauer Pottery. Without telling their whole history, they were basically the company who started the look of mismatched dinnerware, long before Fiesta.
I loved the look of it so I decided I would try to find some. The first piece (the medium size pot pictured above) I found in Indiana. It was perfect until my cat knocked it over onto the brick fireplace. I was sick when that happened, but I still loved the piece, and the cat. :)
The next pot ( the large one) I found totally by accident. I was actually looking at a large photo of downtown Hot Springs Ark. taken in the 30's. It was so neat and It reminded me of my Grandmother. I went back several times before I decided that, yes I could spend $60 on an old picture.
The day I went back to get it, I was heartbroken to discover it was gone. As I walked around the booth, hoping they had just moved it, my foot tapped something big on the floor. I looked down and there it was, the Bauer pot I had been hoping to find someday. It was on sale, and the perfect color too. I just couldn't pass it up. To this day I do feel a bit like Granny Sue lead me to it.

The smaller pot I found on Ebay and paid way too much for it, but I just had to complete the set. I love these pots, as much as you can love an inanimate object.
I think sticking to the garden pots and also sticking with one colorway makes my collection, all be it tiny, very special. Of course that won't stop me from looking for more.

I don't get to go flea marketing very often anymore since two year olds don't make good shopping companions in a store full of antiques and collectibles. I will go again soon though, and maybe Granny Sue will find something great for me. ;)

My post was inspired by this post. Thanks!!

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  1. Those little pots are so lovely - the colour is really beautiful too.