Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As if I needed any new projects.....I was happy to get to go to the fabric store on Sunday. Several of the fabrics I drooled over the last time I went were on sale. That always makes me happy. I didn't get as much of them as I wanted, but I got just enough to make another dress for myself, a couple of tops, and a few things for Sophie. I also have an idea for a first birthday gift for my darling niece. Hopefully I can get something made before they decide to have a party for her.

Hubby is out of town, the rain has stopped and it's going to be in the upper nineties later this week. Should be a long week I think.

Sorry for the boring post....again. I promise to have pics asap.

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  1. I always have way more projects going than I have time to finish :) New fabric is always lovely :)